lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

On Evidence

Evidence are a group of events that support or not a hypotesis. A pure observation not must be considered as evidence, a pure observation (observations are not bounded to theorical basis) is not evidence. The evidence's quality is related to hypotesis which it is bounded. So, all evidence is not relevant for a hypotesis. Evidence is not considered as “good” or “bad”, simply it is support a event rather other. The pure observations (without theoric basis) is considered “good” or “bad. So, in the historical sciences the observation of event is not enough, these observation must be bounded a theorical background. The “smoking gun” is a example which the evidence is obtained, but all the observations in the event ( murder) must be related to a theory. The observations that are not related to murder, it are not evidence.

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shaylito dijo...

me preocupa la observación "pura" y la teoría sobre el asesinato, todos somos culpables hasta que se demuestre lo contrario? o necesitamos un chivo expiatorio, al menos para iniciar?